Capturing experiences on tackling motivational aspects with peer coaching and social learning

2015-10-21 11-34-39

As part of the anniversary track on Social Knowledge Management at I-KNOW 2015, we presented our recent work on using pattern-based approaches to address motivational issues and the experiential knowledge that currently only insuffiencently builds up. The approach that we developed in the EmployID project is based on a tool-chain in which socio-technical patterns can be developed from peer coaching activities. Through peer coaching, eliciting of motivational and affective aspects becomes possible as it creates a trusted space. But while traditional coaching often end with the session or the group itself, we propose a social learning approach that captures the results and insights in a way that it matures into general patterns and insights through collaborative editing in LivingDocuments and social learning programmes.

Kunzmann, Christine, Schmidt, Andreas P., Wolf, Carmen
Facilitating maturing of socio-technical patterns through social learning approaches
In: Proceedings of I-KNOW 2015, ACM, 2015

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