Zeitschriftenbeitrag zu People Tagginging im International Journal on Knowledge & Learning erschienen

Im Rahmen des MATURE-Projektes haben wir untersucht, wie man Kompetenzmanagement auf der Basis von Enterprise Social Media agiler gestalten kann. Zu den Ergebnissen ist jetzt ein Zeitschriftenartikel im International Journal on Knowledge & Learning erschienen.

Hierin ordnen wir den People Tagging-Ansatz in das von mir entwickelte Referenzmodell für Kompetenzmanagement ein. Die Grobübersicht findet sich in den Bildern unten. Falls Interesse am Artikel besteht, einfach Kontakt aufnehmen.


People Tagging ProzessPeople Tagging im Kompetenzmanagementprozess

Simone Braun, Christine Kunzmann, Andreas Schmidt
Semantic People Tagging & Ontology Maturing: An Enterprise Social Media Approach to Competence Management
International Journal on Knowledge and Learning (IJKL), vol. 8, no. 1/2, 2012, pp. 86-111

Semantic People Tagging is an Enterprise 2.0-style approach to making expertise and individual capabilities transparent. By combining it with a collaborative ontology editor and thus the possibility to construct a shared vocabulary and understanding, it can be a supplement for cumbersome competence management, or expert finder solutions, which lack acceptance among employees, and suffer from outdated data. It gives human resources a timely overview of available and required competencies based on peer reviews and actual usage. However, it also needs to be tailored to the cultural characteristics of a specific company. Therefore, we have developed a design framework for semantic people tagging. We want to present the general approach based on the ontology maturing concept of gradual formalization and its implementation based on a social semantic bookmarking system. Focus group interviews with HR experts have further have yielded insights into the wider context and validated the concept. The system has been introduced and evaluated at a company for career advising, and is being rolled out to additional contexts.

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